Prostate Gland – What Is It?

imageThe prostate gland is an important organ that secretes fluid that is beneficial to other areas of the body. It is located in front of the rectum, making it easy for a rectal exam by your doctor. This gland lies below the bladder, thus the frequent urination when it is enlarged. The urethral tube is encircled by the prostate gland. This is the tube that takes urine to the penis and out of the body.

Some Raw Facts

The size of the prostate is similar to that of a walnut, about 4cm (or one and a half inches), or we could, say about the size of a golf ball. By age 14, the prostate will reach its mature size. Due to hormonal changes in men, shortly after 50, the size and amount of secretion decreases. Many opt for hormone therapy to maintain their virility and normal function of the prostate gland.

Prostate Purpose

The prostate secretion nourishes and protects sperm. Many compounds such as sodium, calcium and potassium are found in this secretion. Zinc is of vital importance to the prostate as studies show that there is a concentration of this mineral in the gland. The sperm represents the beginning of life and therefore requires good nutrition to support the passage of healthy sperms cells.

During ejaculation, this fluid is squeezed into the urethra, and expelled with sperm as semen. The fluid released from the prostate gland make up approximately fifteen to thirty percent of semen ejaculated during intercourse.

Prostate cancer screeningThere are three zones: central, transitional and peripheral. Prostate cancer usually occurs in the peripheral zone, although there are cases where it starts in the transitional zone. As a result, doctors will take 15 to 20 specimens from the different zones during a biopsy to ensure thorough coverage.


The prostate gland is a very important part of a man’s masculinity. The fear of losing the orgasmic experience intimidates many men. Please keep in mind that new research is coming out in the news constantly which gives you options. There are many complementary therapies that can greatly support your prostate health. Remember, stress over time causes dis-ease, so reduce daily stress in your life could be beneficial not only to the prostate gland but also to your whole health and wellness.

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